Hi folks. Lot’s of people have been sending us messages asking when certain speakers will be presenting and as yet because of the size and scope of the convention, releasing the timetable of individual presentations may still be some way off. Hopefully you can understand that we want to give the convention a balance from start to finish and with so much quality to choose from, this takes a lot of planning!

But if you wait until it is announced when your favourite presenters are speaking, it may already be too late – Tickets are shifting now and numbers are limited for both the dinner and general convention admission. We don’t want anyone to miss this unique event!

You only have to look at the lineup to know that there is so much on offer, with both days boasting a range of talent, knowledge and lots of personalities from start to finish!

And we believe a convention works best when people aren’t confined to one place or told who to listen to and instead are given freedom to choose what presentations they want to attend. We have worked very hard to give our guests a stellar lineup to make that choice from!

Because of the quality we have throughout this convention and the choices our guests have, this is certainly going to be fun, this is definately going to be informative and it’s going to be great for everyone taking part.

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