Working with sexual dysfunction

the vaginismus monologues and more.....

Kaz Riley

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Kaz Riley

Ask most therapists about working with sexual dysfunction and what they need to know – the majority will focus in on male sexual dysfunction. Ask the same question to client groups and it’s the females that are crying out for help.

This presentation will look at working with sexual dysfunction with both males and females and the difference between the two. As a more open attitude towards sex becomes culturally acceptable an interesting side effect is an increase in the incidence of sexual dysfunction and a wider range of sexual issues. It will help you understand why this is, how to combat it and give you a protocol to work with.

Kaz Riley is a Hypnotist and international trainer. A specialist in treating anxiety-related issues and sexual-related issues including: fertility, birth, birth trauma, sexual dysfunctions, sensuality, and kink-friendly therapy. Kaz is a registered Therapist with the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom. She teaches at several UK universities to midwives, doctors, nurses and medical students. She mentors hypnotists in 17 countries and has appeared in several newspapers magazines and on TV Kaz is the founder of Sexual Freedom Hypnosis, an internationally-taught hypnosis programme that is sought after by clients worldwide.

2 hour presentation
08:45 - 10:30

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