The Worst Boy Band in The World Ever?

( …and What They Can Teach Us About Confidence)

Greg McColl

Presented by

Greg McColl

Following on from the talk “No Fluff, Magic Wands or Hoo-Haa” at the 2019 UKHC, and exploring & developing further one of its core themes – Confidence.

Many therapists struggle with their own confidence and self-confidence, yet “Confidence” is a major factor in dealing with clients in finding and applying solutions in successful & congruent way.

In this talk will explore confidence including rapport, charisma and their role in the context of the therapy room. We’ll look at some definitions of what it could be, what it is to the individual and its importance in how we apply what we do. We’ll then explore how we can improve and discover our own confidence to get better results with our clients.

Greg initially studied Hypnotherapy in the early ’90s and continued his interest in throughout a career in audiology in NLP and Hypnosis. Returning to full-time NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching work in 2014. He currently works in motorsport, with the police as well as the general public.

1 hour presentation
16:00 - 17:00
Kew Theatre

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