The Three Doors

The Core Protocol to Treat Anxiety

Fredric Mau

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Fredric Mau

When in doubt, treat for anxiety. Three Doors process invites the client to engage the creative unconscious to experience different responses at a visceral, emotional level, as well as conscious choice. Almost all psychotherapeutic issues are anxiety driven, and anxiety makes all general medical conditions worse. This is my core go-to process for general anxiety reduction. It almost always helps significantly – and when it doesn’t work – that lets me know something strange is afoot.

Dr. Fredric Mau was just named Outstanding Counselor by the South Carolina Counseling Association, adding to his impressive research awards in Europe and the US. He will be keynote speaker at the 70th Anniversary Australian Hypnotherapists Association World Conference this fall. He is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor in the US, where he engages in treating emotions at a primal level, before cognition. Dr. Mau is a popular and engaging speaker in two worlds: psychotherapeutic counseling and clinical hypnosis.

2 hour presentation
17:00 - 18:45
Kew Theatre

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