The Nine Golden Rules in Overcoming Performance Anxiety

For Stage, Screen or Sports Arena

Gary Coles

Presented by

Garry Coles

Performance anxiety can ruin any performance, on stage or screen, acting or performing, even taking part in a sporting event. It can be much worse where it is a very occasional activity (such as public speaking). This presentation will give nine golden rules for success to overcome performance. It will also give protocols, tips and techniques to put those rules into action and banish performance anxiety for you or your client forever.

With over 15 years’ experience as a full-time hypnotherapist, Garry is one of a small number in the UK to hold an MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy. He works regularly with performance anxiety with clients from all levels from stage, screen and the sporting arena. From amateurs to world class names. Garry has first-hand experience of the subject performing musically himself (semi-professionally). Garry has also lectured on the subject at world-renowned music Academy’s

1 hour presentation
16:00 - 17:00

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