De-Hypnotising Judi

The Lady Who Lost Her Memory ... Why ManyTherapists Are Like Ducklings ... And How To Be A Great Hypnotherapist Without Being A Great Hypnotist

Andrew Parr

Presented by

Andrew Parr

In front of a full class of students, attendee Judi spontaneously slipped into a 5-hour trance-like protective state where her short term memory function shut down, she had no recollection of the previous 5 days … and had to be de-hypnotised back to normality. The case is so interesting because it’s an extreme version of quite a common occurrence – the fact that far from hypnotising people, the hypno-therapeutic process is often one of de-hypnotising someone from an un-useful trance. 

In this talk I will reveal how I believe it happened, what I did to bring her back out of it, and lessons you can apply to your own practice and business.

I have spent 26 years in private practice - which equates to somewhere in excess of 16,000 1-1 hypnosis sessions, plus 6 years running a training school. Prior to all that I was a consultant engineer, punk rock guitarist ... and a compulsive daydreamer.

2 hour presentation
08:30 - 10:30

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