Hypnosis for Allergies

With live change work on stage

Jørgen Rasmussen

Presented by

Jørgen Rasmussen

This presentation is about how it’s possible to help people change their allergic response.

There will be live change work on stage with one or more people with food allergies including testing of the results for everyone to see.

Time permitting we will expand into the implications of this work into the reality of mind-body work/psychosomatic issues.

Jørgen Rasmussen has seen clients professionally since becoming a trainer of NLP in 1998. He is the author of Provocative Hypnosis (2008) and Provocative Suggestions (2015), and consistently sees clients from all over the world, in addition to teaching seminars internationally. He teaches a Psychological Illusion Model of Hypnosis and Changework, a framework that rejects the notion of "mental illness" and which views most of unnecessary suffering as the result of people falling for some basic psychological illusions and basically misunderstanding the nature of their own experience.

2 hour presentation
08:45 - 10:30
Kew/York Theatre

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