The Anxiety Tree

Investigating what your subconcious reveals about you.

Susie Lawrence and Susan Watson

Presented by

Susan Watson and Susie Lawrence

The tree you are instructed to draw is a psychological indicator of your behaviour over periods of time in your life. Within this guided process, it explores, reveals and identifies difficulties and needs of underlying emotional history. We can utilise this information so a person has a greater understanding of themself and plan their care to gain maximum benefit.

Susan Watson: Susan is a CNHC local champion and Mental Health Advocate for children and young people and Anxiety UK representative. She is trained in Respect Me (anti Bullying) SMHFA and ASIST Suicide Intervention Programme and draws on over 20 years’ experience in the corporate world as both a manager and coach to help individuals and groups make life changes to meet their full potential. Susie Lawrence: Susan’s extensive medical background and qualifications has given her a strong foundation and passion for hypnotherapy and other valuable techniques she has learned throughout her time practicing. Her dedication is reflected in her warmth, empathy and unique ability to inspire people with confidence, motivation and a drive to achieve growth and success. Her determination, enthusiasm and dedication are evident by the outstanding results from her therapy sessions. Susan’s greatest strengths lie in transforming and helping clients to be who and what they want to be and to live a more fulfilled life. As a Hypnotherapy Trainer, Susan believes that all Hypnotherapists & students should update their knowledge constantly to ensure they have multiple techniques and tools for more effective results. ""There is nothing more humbling than watching your client leave your practice ready to conquer the world and enjoy their life"".

1 hour presentation
10:45 - 11:45

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