Striving towards therapeutic competence within societal non-conforming narratives

Facilitating intrinsic knowledge on evolving landscapes for professional growth

Zayna Ratty

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Zayna Ratty

Sexuality, what do the terminologies mean for us as therapists?

How non-conforming to the normative social narrative affects mental health.
Being theraputically present with consensual non monogamy and familial structures outside of the normative narrative.

Raising awareness of BDSM and hierarchal relationship structures, is it more popular or more open?

If we continue to subscribe to our own selective inattention to GSRD (Gender, sexuality & Relationship diversity) U.P.R is difficult to obtain.

Zayna is a specialist Hypno-Psychotherapist, Trainee UKCP & NCH, specialist in G.S.R.D, LGBTQIA+, QTIPoC, Consensual Non Monogamy, Poly, kink and fetish based in Oxford. She is a Stonewall PoC and Schools Role Model, who writes Mental Health, LGBTQIA+ and Intersectionality & Diversity training for Charities & Corporations. CEO of LGBTQ+Asylum, Chair and Executive Trustee of award winning charity OxFriend and Community Liaison Officer for Oxford Pride. Her newest project is as Oxford University LGBTQIA+ Support Group lead. An academic Board member and presenter at NCHP, Oxford University, Brookes Uni, T.V.P L.A.G.L.O, Polyday, Lets Talk Queer PoC, Brum Bi Fest, Reading LGBTQ+History Month and Oxford Pride Queer Panel Chair. Writes on proxemics, intersectionality, cultural identity, contributes to DIVA magazine, Cosmopolitan and is a multi media domain contributor on Mental Health and PoC issues. Chair of the Race & Ethnicity Panel at Pink Therapy Conference March 2019.

1 hour presentation
13:45 - 14:45

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