The Importance of Non-Hypnotic Sleep

Nicola Shubrook

Presented by

Nicola Shubrook

Sleep is vital to good health, mentally and physically. More of our clients are sleeping less and the quality of sleep has also decreased, but do we ask every client if they sleep? This session will look at the importance of sleep, how diet and lifestyle plays an important role, and why as hypnotherapists it should be the one question we ask ALL of our clients, no matter why they have come to see us.

Nicola is a registered nutritionist applying functional medicine and hypnotherapy together to enhance her clients' health, mentally and physically. Her particular passion is on gut health and mental health and supporting those with disordered eating behaviours. Nicola runs her own successful online clinic, Urban Wellness, is a freelance health journalist writing for brands including BBC Good Food, and is an educator and international speaker.

1 hour presentation
10:45 - 11:45

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