Seducing with Hypnosis

Mario Lima

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Mário Lima

Seducing with Hypnosis is the art of presenting change work ideas in such a way that improves suggestion acceptance and makes change more appealing.

This approach can be used in therapeutic scenarios, as well as in any other context where influence prestige is needed. The more a hypnotist is able to present seductive and appealing ideas, not only work results will improve, but also their self-confidence will skyrocket.

Mario Lima – Degree in Engineering (Ing.), Hypnotist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (HPD), Hypnosis Trainer, Guest Appearance in TV and Radio shows, Keynote Speaker in International Hypnosis Conventions and Vice-President of the Scientific Council of the Portuguese Association of Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis (APHCH). Also an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of®. Trained in hypnosis by personalities like: Anthony Jacquin, Larry Elman and Cheryl Elman, Roy Hunter, Teresa Robles, Edgar Barnet, and others.

1 hour presentation
11:45 - 12:45

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