Safeguarding, Reporting and Consent

Reports, Notes, GDPR, Data Protection and Disclosure

Meena Kaur

Presented by

Meena Kaur

Former Safeguarding Lawyer and now Practising Clinical Hypnotherapist will guide you through the essential good practice and an overview of a legally sound approach to the statutory guidance on Note Taking, Report Writing and Record-Keeping. Your Notes/Information Sharing/ Evidence/Data Protection & Safeguarding within the ‘Caldicott Guidelines’ and GDPR/DPA.

We will discuss the following:

  • What is Good Practice when working with Children?
  • Disclosure and consent when working with other professionals
  • Will we, or our work ever be called into evidence in court proceedings, and what are our responsibilities?

A not to be missed session. In an age where private and public cases are being brought to court more and more, and mental health issues are at the forefront of formal and non-formal proceedings, all professionals are expected to be compliant with good practice and legislation, even at the earliest stages. It is essential we get it right.

I am a qualified family and child lawyer and legal trainer as well as a qualified hypnotherapist. I work with children and adults with trauma, anxiety, low mood and other connected issues such as sleep, weight etc. In addition to my hypnotherapy practice, I consult on all legal safeguarding matters, as well as deliver well-being and public communication training for businesses and public bodies including the NHS, Home Office, law firms and Local Authorities nationwide.

1 hour presentation
13:45 - 14:45

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