Non-Verbal Hypnosis

Hypnosis without words

Maksym Komar

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Maksym Komar

Non-verbal Hypnosis plays an important role in creating a fascinating effect in indirect communications, including creating a certain emotional state in a person. It’s a unique technique with significant part of my – patented and acclaimed by doctors and experts – Maksym Komar’s Method. It solves problems very quickly and efficiently.

I am an author of the therapeutic method "The Maksym Komar's Method" and "Non-verbal Hypnosis". Besides, I'm am a credentialed and certified Master of Hypnotherapy, Hypnologist and also NLP Master Coach, with many years of experience. I'm Secretary of the Polish representative office of Eastern European association of hypnotherapists and clinical psychologists. I am one of the best hypnotherapists in Poland. Also, I'm the founder of the prestigious, Professional Hipnosis Training Institute. I have ISO certificate, confirming the quality provision of services. Moreover, I'm a member of National Guild of Hypnosis, and have its certificate. I conducted a training cycle of hypnotherapy at Loyola University in Chicago too.

1 hour presentation
16:00 - 17:00

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