Motivational Interviewing

Create powerful emotional change from your first client interaction!

Amye Scharlau

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Amye Scharlau

Imagine creating helpful change for your client from your very first moments of interaction!  Motivational Interviewing is a powerful technique to help clients create positive emotional shifts for themselves.  Through pacing and leading you even make your intake process a productive and healing process that, added to your hypnosis skills, increases your clients success in their goals. This method is especially effective for those clients who are “on the fence” about the changes they may need to make for their own health and well being.

Amye Scharlau exhibits exceptional skill as both a clinical and stage hypnotist. She is an international speaker on hypnosis. Amye is certified as an instructor in hypnosis by two internationally recognised organisations, OMNI Hypnosis - and the NGH - the largest professional association of hypnotists in the US. Amye brings her training, experience, exceptional interpersonal skills, and the joy of healing into every clinical client session. Performing on stage over 100 times a year, Amye combines her hypnotic derring-do with her formally-trained flair for theater (she holds a degree in it) to provide a uniquely positive and exceptional entertainment experience.

1 hour presentation
11:45 - 12:45

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