Measuring Therapy Results

Showing the impact from the work we do

Presented by

Russell Thackeray

This presentation examines the various metrics used to assess the tangible and perceived success of a range of therapies including hypnotherapy. We examine the various ‘process’ measures and areas of satisfaction and perceived benefit reported by recipients and shows how these can provide useful outcomes. We also discuss and introduce a systematic measurement approach based on measuring ‘intangible’ results from other areas of life that can be applied to this area. Prepare to be educated, enlightened, infuriated and illuminated in equal measure…!

Dr Russell Thackeray is the CEO and founder of QED (Organisational Development & Evaluation), an innovative company that works with leaders to enhance performance and results by aligning culture, metrics, leadership and people. With strong links to the USA and Africa as well as the UK, Dr Thackeray sparks, designs and measures change which improves resilience, processes, relationships and systems and reduces burnout. His private practice, Hypnotherapy Etc. combines traditional, complementary and alternative therapies to improve wellbeing and help people to live their ’best life’.

1 hour presentation
08:30 - 09:30
Kew Theatre

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