Let’s Get Under the Hood of Fractionation

How to Use the Fractionation Induction to Find Solutions

Dipti Tait

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Dipti Tait

Fractionation Hypnosis is a very powerful technique used in rapid induction demonstrations due to its success as a hypnotic deepener.

In my presentation, I will explain the history of this phenomena and take you through how I use this technique in my therapy room in conjunction with my Free Flow Trance method. I will be conducting an audience demonstration so you can experience the power first hand. Bring a notepad, a problem and an open mind.

Dipti Tait started her career working in TV – at the BBC in London. She swapped her high-heels for a high-chair and while her babies (now adults) were growing up - she retrained as a hypnotherapist. Nicknamed ‘The Darling of Breakfast TV’ – Dipti now runs a busy Hypnotherapy practice from the Cotswolds and see clients all around the world online on zoom. Dipti is also the Author of Good Grief and Planet Grief and lectures at conferences around the UK.

1 hour presentation
13:45 - 14:45

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