Hypnotic Happy Hours

Bringing the science of happiness into your hypnosis practice

Karen Puttick

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Karen Puttick

“Hypnotic Happy Hours” integrates formal hypnosis and NLP training together with my own work using the practical application of imagination and discoveries from the Science of Happiness, creating processes which elevate the mind, body and spirit and achieve therapeutic outcomes through joy and laughter. I will share how this combination can be used either simply for mood elevation or to gain therapeutic outcomes.

Karen is a Hypnotherapist and Coach, Founder of The Healing Tree Network and the author of empowering self-development books and programmes including The Imaginators Programme. Having been taught self-hypnosis by her father over 30 years ago, she has used hypnotic skills within meditation, creating several businesses around "The Practical Application of Imagination". Karen has been a finalist in a number of business awards for her work with Children and Families.

1 hour presentation
10:45 - 11:45

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