Hypnotic Coaching Tools for Weight Loss

A clear framework to import hypnosis into coaching, explained in terms of my own weight loss business

Sarah Wall

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Sarah Wall

Weight loss clients can be scary and confusing prospects for a Hypnotherapist – which technique should I use and when? How many sessions should I offer? What should I charge?

What about nutrition, exercise, motivation, body image and all those habits and emotions…just where do you start? Weight loss seems so complex. No wonder most Hypnotherapists are too scared to take on these clients or really suck at it when they try.


I can’t stand by and watch Health Coaches and the like with HALF your knowledge and skillset, getting success – great results and financially rewarded – and you’re not because you don’t know how to structure your existing talents!

Come to my interactive presentation where I’ll show you how to import hypnosis into coaching and come away with a clear framework based on my favourite hypnotic tool for weight loss (I’m giving this to you) which creates powerful results that people gladly invest in and go on to recommend you to all their friends.

You’re welcome 😉

Sarah has overcome many challenging obstacles to become a recognized expert in the field of Coaching, Hypnosis & Weight Loss and is regularly featured in international and national press including Top Santé Magazine and the Daily Mail. Her credentials include over a decade’s experience as a qualified Psychotherapist and Senior Hypnotherapist, after starting out her corporate career in Marketing and Consumer Psychology. Sarah is passionate about creating rapid transformation for lasting change, just like her own, and empowering women to thrive and live their best lives.

1 hour presentation
14:45 - 15:45

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