Hypnotherapy for Subclinical and Performance Anxiety

Jimmy Petruzzi

Presented by

Jimmy Petruzzi

Subclinical anxiety and performance anxiety in the context of this seminar is considered a construct for people who are not given a clinical diagnosis of anxiety or any related disorder.

People who do not meet the criteria for an anxiety diagnosis, though do experience levels of debilitation which may be related to underperformance at a sporting event or a sporting situation such as taking a penalty, golf put, tennis serve.

In business delivering a presentation, an interview, academic situations such as exams, or a general day to day life feeling of overwhelm and unease, affecting productivity, general wellbeing and assertiveness.

Jimmy Petruzzi MSc is a world-renowned high-performance coach, hypnotherapist and NLP trainer, award-winning coach, bestselling author, award-winning speaker, developer of cognitive reprocessing, radio broadcaster, musician, committee member communications officer and Co Chair elect for the North West England BPS British Psychological Society, editor for BPS British Psychological Society North of England Bulletin

1 hour presentation
09:30 - 10:30

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