Hypnosis Within “Embodied Medicine”

The Use of Advanced Technologies for Altering the Experience of Being in a Body With the Goal of Improving Health and Well-Being

Anthony Jacquin

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Anthony Jacquin

An overview of experiments that combine hypnosis with neuro biofeedback, VR and haptic technology.

“Imagine a ‘Spotify’ for states. Imagine an abundance of ‘digital’ medicine” was the invitation that preceded Anthony Jacquin working with “neuromore” – a company dedicated to utilising advanced technology for human flourishing.

Since then he has continued to work with experts to explore the potential such technologies have in this emerging field. He will share ideas, results and experiences from his research.

My first contact with hypnosis was via my father. After learning hypnosis himself and helping others with it, he told me he felt like he was vested with a special power, as if he was wearing an invisible cloak. He suggested that I should try one on too. So I learnt the basics and eventually did my first session back in 1995 to help someone quit smoking. It was a complete success, they quit easily and effortlessly. I was hooked. Keen to learn more I sought out the best teachers I could find, got as much practical experience as possible and finally went full time as a hypnotherapist in 2001. Since then I have worked with over 5000 people helping them change their lives and realise their dreams. My interest spread into entertaining with hypnosis and I became a professional performer in 2004. My speciality is mixing close up magic and mind games with hypnosis and I have been fortunate enough to perform for a wide variety of people, companies and festivals as well as featuring on both BBC Radio and ITV. Now I spend much of my time travelling the world sharing my ideas about hypnosis, teaching others about this fascinating art. Although what I do and teach now is a world away from what I did twenty years ago, the magical feeling that comes from knowing you can use words to change someone's reality, to change someone's life remains. I am as fascinated with hypnosis now as I was after that first session. Anthony Jacquin is available for private therapy, coaching, training and consultancy. He also provides online and live hypnosis training with his father at the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy."

1 hour presentation
10:45 - 11:45
Kew Theatre

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