Hypnosis War

The Battle of Ideas – the Mini Convention in the Convention

Michael Beligiannis & Shin Mads Aggerholm

Presented by

Michael Beligiannis & Shin Mads Aggerholm Lange

Mads Aggerholm also presented at the convention 2019. We differ heavily in theoretical standpoints and the rationales of hypnosis.

Always discussing and commenting on each other’s practice. Occasionally we agree, smile and laugh together. Mads sees hypnosis as a special state, uses chock inductions to activate it. Michael leans towards CBH and nonstate but still loves the artistic side. Enough said.

We will give hypnotic demonstrations, counter-arguments and hopefully show you that hypnosis is not dogma.

Michael - I took my first certification with the NGH in 2013. Something didn't sit right with me, but it certainly sparked a fire within me. I started digging my head into hypnosis literature. Trained with Anthony & Freddy Jacquin and qualified for their diploma in 2014. Later took my HPD with Adam Eason and getting acquainted with the science and academia of hypnosis 2016. Things went berserk from there. I have been studying ever since. Shin Mads Aggerholm Lange is a clinical hypnotherapist, stage/street/show hypnotherapist, international speaker, owner of a hypnosis franchise concept (shinhypnose) (Direct Navigation®️) and a TV hypnotist. He is a specialist in instant treatment. Shin has practised hypnosis since 2006.

1 hour presentation
17:00 - 19:00

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