Hypno-Psychotherapy for Lasting Changes

Neuro-Psychotherapy or Neuro-Hypnosis?

Nicole Ruysschaert

Presented by

Dr Nicole Ruysschaert

The lecture will start with an overview of what I see as the “Neuro-hypnosis Cycle” and be followed by more detailed information on each part.

Creating rapport in hypnosis, particularly mobilizes the Social Engagement System or Ventral Vagus system, promoting safety and calmness: a prerequisite to face difficult life issues. In this interaction process, neuroception and a coregulation play an important role as it learns and helps clients to better regulate their state.

Recent research demonstrates changes in network connectivity in the brain and gives evidence of how hypnosis improves mind/body interactions and changes. Exploratory work in hypnosis, utilizes symptoms or issues as keys, to open doors from where implicit memories can be found and the process of memory deconsolidation/reconsolidation can be started to lead to lasting changes. ‘Brain-wise’ therapists mobilize processes working on a deeper experiential level and not do not restrict therapy to cognitive changes and insight

Dr Nicole Ruysschaert M.D. is Psychiatrist-Psychotherapist. She is Past – President of the ESH – European Society of Hypnosis and of the VHYP Flemish Society of Scientific Hypnosis. 2015 she has been elected as Board of Directors member of ISH International Society of Hypnosis. She currently works fulltime in her private practice in Antwerp (Belgium). She is international trainer and supervisor in hypnosis and in psycho-traumatology. She is actively involved in training and supervision in hypnosis – basic training, information sessions on hypnosis, training in hypnotic communication in medical practices and hospitals, basic/specialized/advanced workshops in hypnosis and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

1 hour presentation
10:45 - 11:45
Kew Theatre

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