How to Build your Hypnosis Business with Public Performances

Michael C Anthony

Presented by

Michael C. Anthony

Do you want to keep a stream of clients coming to you consistently? Do you want to make extra income outside of your practice? Michael C. Anthony is the founder of Stage Hypnosis University. In this MasterClass you’ll learn how to create a public performance for fun and profit while building your clientele FAST!

Michael C. Anthony has been in full time hypnosis for 25 years. He's travelled the world doing Stage Hypnosis and Mentalism. He's a member of the famous touring group called the Illusionists and the founder of Stage Hypnosis University where he trains hypnotherapists, doctors, executives and newbies from around the world how to put on amazing and lucrative stage demonstrations.

1 hour presentation
11:45 - 12:45
Kew Theatre

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