How Shadow Work Can Help You and Your Clients

How to Be the Mature Grown up Required to Consistently Do Quality Work

Jørgen Rasmussen

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Jørgen Rasmussen

Being able to do high quality changework with a wide range of clients over a stretch of time requires a maturity, capacity for healthy boundaries, and an ability for perspective taking and self insight that most hypnotherapists don’t quite have. Shadow work can help you mature as a person. It’s a wonderful tool that helps deal with the inner issues that perceived difficult Clients seem to evoke in us.

Jørgen Rasmussen has been working as a Professional agent of change for the last 23 years. The first 8 years spent running an "impossibles practice" based upon a no change no pay policy. He consistently attracts clients from all over the world, mentors folks in his Psychological Illusion Model , and is the Author of the book Provocative Hypnosis ( 2018), Provocative Suggestions , and the upcoming Your Not The Voice In Your Head ( 2020). Since 2009 he has been giving seminars internationally, including speaking 3 times at the UK Hypnosis Convention. He is a meditation junkie, life long martial artist and sometimes refers to himself as an insultant.

1 hour presentation
16:00 - 17:00
Kew Theatre

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