Helping with the front line

A soldiers perception

Graham Webber

Presented by

Graham Webber

Being a serving soldier I know the difference in languages, meanings and how soldiers think about serving within the forces.

During this presentation I will take you through how to understand the military mind. How military personnel speak, what is meant by their slang, different activities that take place and some break downs of what they may be exposed to on the battefield.

This will assist you as the therapist with the soldier in front of you in the therapy room for understanding, limiting pauses for questions which in turn will assist with rapport.

As a serving soldier I started hypnosis following a love of magic. Starting with Anthony Jacquin and the Head Hackers street work complimented my magic. After finding a colleague suffered with PTSD a look into how hypnosis can help more began and a my diploma with the UK Hypnosis Academy started. Being a level 4 (CTLLS) instructor for the Army I was asked to teach for the UK Hypnosis Academy.

1 hour presentation
10:45 - 11:45
Kew Theatre

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