Food for Thought: The Gut-Brain Connection

Kerry Madgwick

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Kerry Madgwick

The gut-brain connection, you’ve heard of it but do you understand how you can achieve even better results when working with clients from weight loss and digestive issues to stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, sleep issues, fatigue, fibromyalgia & performance by truly understanding what is happening beneath the surface and the role the gut microbiome plays and how it impacts all aspects of our Mental health and physical well-being. A unique solution with a combination of hypnotherapy and addressing physical gut health as an add on to your practice whether you see clients 1-2-1, online, in groups or in person – this will help you have a bigger impact, get more referrals and increase your income.

Kerry is an Author, Mindset Matters Radio Co-Host, Speaker, Clinical Nutritionist and Hypnotherapist and instructor, specialising in the connection between Gut Health, Physical and Mental health. Kerry is passionate about addressing and healing the root cause of illness and continues to be amazed by the power the body and mind has to heal itself given the right simple, easy and effective tools and techniques and is looking forward to sharing this simple but incredibly effective programme of addressing gut health and the gut-brain connection at UKHC.

1 hour presentation
11:45 - 12:45

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