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Trust your suggestions

Presented by

Shin Mads Aggerholm Lange

Do you trust your suggestions when you have a client ?

I will to share how to use techniques in different ways to achieve your client’s goal. You may know all the methods but have only learned one way to apply them.

You will learn:

  • The 5 second rule.
  • How to make a suggestion stronger.
  • How to delete a trigger.
  • How to delete a bad habit.
  • How to deactivate a feeling.
  • How to complete a successful session in 30 minutes.
  • How to test your suggestions.
  • How to make your suggestions last.

Shin Mads Aggerholm Lange is an clinical hypnotherapist, stage/street/show hypnotherapist, international speaker, owner of a hypnosis franchise concept (shinhypnose) (Direct Navigation®️) and a TV hypnotist. He is a specialists in instant treatment. Shin has practiced hypnosis since 2006.

2 hour presentation
08:45 - 10:30

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