The Business Of Therapy

David Shephard

Presented by

David Shephard

David Shephard co-foundered FixMyMind with his business partner James Mallinson. FixMyMind has gone on to become one of the most successful therapy practices in the UK.

During this session David will explain how they did it from a business perspective rather than a therapy perspective. There are 9 things essential to building a successful therapy practice and during the session he will share these with you.

If you were to start implementing them right after his session your therapy business is guaranteed to become more successful. David and James have proven that they work.

In 1990 David Shephard resigned from a successful career in the City of London and chose to be educated and licensed as an Achievement Coach by The Centre of Achievement. People thought he was crazy but this was the first step on the road to becoming a global expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and one of the most highly sought-after and respected Master Trainers in the world. He changed the game for himself and, in doing so, dedicated his life to helping others change it for themselves. Through his dedication and skill, David was certified as a Master Trainer of NLP just three years after his formal certification in NLP (two years earlier than is generally expected) joining the ranks of his mentor, Dr. Tad James (the world-renowned creator of Time Line Therapy®), as well as Julie Silverthorn and John Overdurf; some of the most respected Master Trainers of NLP in the world.

1 hour presentation
14:45 - 15:45
Kew Theatre

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