Consciousness Is Not a Product of the Brain and Why This Matters for Hypnotherapy

Jamie Aylward

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Jamie Aylward

The talk will show the volume of evidence that exists showing that consciousness is not a product of the brain and continues after death and how this is nothing to do with religion. It will show the relevance for hypnotherapy in terms of past life regression, bereavement, phobias, traumas and even that physical ailments may benefit with this in mind. It is also the key to inner peace which is base for a healthy body.

I was introduced to hypnotherapy 40 years ago by a forward thinking GP who incorporated it into her medical practice. I have been interested in the nature of consciousness throughout my life and my reading and study has led me to put on talks about it. I've only latterly trained and started out as a hypnotherapist . My personal and hypnotherapy experience is wholly consistent with the findings of my research.

2 hour presentation
17:00 - 19:00

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