Biases: Beyond Good and Evil

Rebekah Ockens

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Rebekah Ockens

Coaches and therapists are not saints. We experience the same insecurities, societal pressures and conditioning as others. Given our training, we are expected to have higher self-awareness and emotional intelligence. The fact however remains, that we interact with the world through a set of biased lenses. In this presentation, we uncover some of these biases especially in coaching and the therapeutic relationship. We discover what they mean to you and your client – and how they help or hinder your coaching/therapy session even before you meet your client for the very first time. You will learn to ask your client – and yourself! – the right questions to help consciously identify both your sets of biases, and anticipate how their interaction may impact your therapeutic relationship.

For the last 15 years, I work with senior corporate leaders in Europe and Asia. I help them understand their motivations, biases, and derailers through personality profiling, psychological assessments and coaching. 
My work allows me to interact with a diverse audience and the opportunity to see how culture, conditioning, beliefs and biases impact the choices we make in life. 
I help my clients become more conscious of how these often subtle influences impact the decisions they make.

1 hour presentation
13:45 - 14:45

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