A 15 Point Essential Business Checklist to Thrive Post-pandemic

Building a hypnosis practice, that helps more clients

Sheila Granger

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Sheila Granger

You’ll Discover the 15-Point Post-Pandemic Checklist Every Hypnotherapist Needs To Seize ALL the Available Opportunities to Survive and Thrive I’ll be sharing the essential steps you need to educate your potential clients online, and the absolutely do-able marketing strategies you can implement to attract clients to your practice today, tomorrow and in the coming months Here are just some of the things i’ll be covering in this fast-paced, high energy two-hour class: The five “must-know” emerging therapeutic and marketing trends to ensure your hypnosis thrives in a new era The top three issues that people need YOUR help with – right now! – and into the coming months (see where to focus your services to really serve your community in the best way) The easy marketing strategies that work brilliantly in a post-pandemic world (and cost almost nothing) to make you stand out to your potential clients – and get you noticed in your community and beyond How to attract new clients for online hypnosis today Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner with years of experience, or a newly-qualified beginner taking your first steps, there is something here for you! It will be a 100% P-R-A-C-T-I-C-A-L session, and you’ll receive a full training guide to take away so you can be sure to implement all the elements and leave with your very own unique plan

Sheila Granger is a UK Clinical Hypnotherapist, whose mission is to educate, motivate, help and inspire other Hypnotherapists to achieve more than they thought possible. She was the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Associations "Hypnotist of the Year" in 2019 and won the Federation of Small Business "UK Business of the Year" in 2021. She is a multi-best selling Amazon author and is renowned for helping thousands of other hypnotherapists around the world to kickstart and grow their own hypnotherapy practices with her real-world programmes.

2 hour presentation
08:30 - 10:30
Kew Theatre

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