This lecture undermines the principles that many hypnotists and hypnosis instructors have. It is not based on some new techniques that you may learn, but rather on a deeper understanding of ones that you already know. Some of those insights are so unique that for many hypnotists who were in this field for many years its like seeing hypnosis from brand new perspective. Till this moment it was only presented in Poland, Brasil and Switzerland.

What it really is & how to bypass the critical faculty of conscious mind? – Differences in ways you can relax – What are the functions of conscious mind and what it really means to relax them? – How you can instantly transfer conscious activity into subconscious mind? – 5-step system of conscious-subconscious goal achieving – Right moments to achieve amnesia and true somnambulism.

Gain deeper understanding about hypnosis, true somnambulism and deep trance phenomena. – Learn easy techniques which you can apply into your practice and on yourself. – Overcome “the authority factor” and open your mind to possibility of achieving true somnambulism with everyone. – Reproduce amnesia and true somnambulism to anyone of your chosing – Make all hypnosis sessions go much easier and faster – Get rid of fears that you thought you didn’t have and start using self-hypnosis way better.