I’ll be exploring the topic of self-sabotage, answering these questions: – Why is self-sabotage such a common phenomenon? – Why can it be so difficult to stop screwing ourselves over? – What is the mind trying to achieve when it causes us to hit the self-destruct button? – What can we do to take back control?

The object is to deliver theoretical and practical knowledge that will help the audience members both to take control of their own “mind monsters”, and to aide their clients in doing the same. The presentation will comprise of anecdote, case studies, theory and live visualisation processes.

Alongside the publication off my book, I have been running a creative project called Mind Monsters. For the past few months, I’ve been gathering drawings and paintings by people struggling with a range of different self-sabotaging problems; anything from procrastination or nail-biting, through to binge eating/drinking, addiction and the inability to hold down a relationship. Participants are asked to draw a picture of the self-destructive part of their personality as well as to answer questions about its character, intentions and behaviour. I will be publishing these images from February, 2018, as part of an awareness campaign about the prevalence and effect of stress, self-doubt and shame. Take a look at the page on my site for more information: http://hazelgale.com/home/mindmonsters/ The project has already yielded some truly wonderful insights into the human condition. By attending this talk, the audience members will be given the chance to get involved – in a very hands-on way – in the project. The “monster” visualisation exercise itself will be a part of the presentation. I will also have drawing materials with me for anyone who’d like to submit their own Mind Monster (and if they do, I will gladly include their website URL in the social media posts so that their contribution can drive traffic back to their page).