It will be a talk that will be addressing: – hypnotic language in trauma hospitals – approaches in prehospital emergency situations – hospital approaches in trauma – use of hypnosis in orthopedic fractures (control of pain and anxiety) – preoperative anxiety control – post hypnotic suggestions.

The purpose of the presentation is to show the interested parties the need to correctly approach a life-threatening patient with orthopedic fractures, using the hypnotic language correctly, as well as describe approaches used to control pain and anxiety in patient admission, as well as during the preoperative period and after orthopedic surgery. Even though they are not doctors, several people can use approaches in accidents or traumatic situations or even apply in hospitals upon authorization of it.

As an orthopedic surgeon and using hypnosis in the day-to-day practice of medical practice shows that the experience with this type of approach is fundamental for the patients attended. hypnosis has great indication in emergency situations where death and tragedies occur because I believe that in these places this approach makes all the difference in the final medical outcome.