March 5, 2016

UK Hypnosis Convention 2018 – General Conditions For Presenters


Thank you for your interest to contribute actively to the success of the UK Hypnosis Convention 2018. Here we have compiled the most important information for all presenters.

The free exchange of knowledge and networking are the principles of the hypnosis convention. Therefore, we consider the convention as a platform to make hypnosis and its related topics more widely understood and to promote the expertise of the participants. As is the policy of the previous UK Hypnosis Convention there can be no remuneration to presenters. However, presenters will participate for FREE in the convention itself over the course of the weekend, except for any pre/post-convention seminars.

Moreover, we would be delighted to welcome each lecturer to the Saturday night dinner and presentation as our guests. We do ask for separate registration and payment using the UK Hypnosis Convention booking system for any presenters wishing to bring a spouse, partner or friend to the dinner with them.

Registration of presentations:

If you would like to register one or more presentations for the hypnosis convention, you can do so by using the following link:

If you have previously presented at the UK Hypnosis Convention event you can submit your presentations for Saturday or Sunday here:

1 or 2 hours:
 We can allow 3-hour presentations only in exceptional cases - This might be the case if it is an active seminar with various demonstrations and/or exercises for the participants (like a workshop).

Please consider, that a lecture or presentation of one hour may only take a maximum of 50 minutes in order to provide sufficient time for the changing of rooms and lecturers. Similarly, two hours would be 110 minutes of time for the relevant presentation/lecture.

Filming of Presentations

It is the intention to film every presentation in 2018. Each presenter will be provided with a copy of their own presentation for marketing, promotion and training purposes and The UK Hypnosis Convention (a trading name of Ebdon (UK) Limited) will retain the rights of distribution. 

Sale of books, DVDs, CDs, etc. 

Each presenter will have the option to hire a table or area (size approx. two metres in width) where he or she can sell their books, CDs, DVDs, etc with banners or standing displays at a cost of £250 for the duration of the convention. Presenters may also wish to bring an assistant for administrative purposes, though these will not be permitted accessing into any other areas of the convention without prior purchase of convention tickets. If space is limited, vending space will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

Moreover, we may also provide all lecturers with the opportunity to sell their goods on a table/stall organized and supervised by the UK Hypnosis Convention. The charge for selling, credit card processing, cash desk and billing is 22.5%. To benefit from this, we will need you to provide for us details of the products including description and price.  Settlement will take place in a timely fashion after the convention.

Lastly, we may consider selling a few virtual products and excess stock for a limited time after the convention and will advertise on the website for 14 days’ post event. The same charges as above will apply exclusive of P&P.

We hope that these options represent a fair and reasonable number of solutions to your vending needs.

Pre- and Post-convention seminars and courses

In addition, we look forward to each application for the pre-and post-convention seminars which will be held again this year.

We would like to see only seminars and courses with a maximum length of 1 – 2 days, which are not offered within a time of 2 months prior to and after the UK Hypnosis Convention within a 70-mile radius of the 2018 venue.

This will enable us to offer more exclusive seminars and to increase the number of participants as well as the overall appeal of the convention and workshops.

Our general conditions for pre-and post-convention seminars: 

In 2018 we are in a position to offer some larger classrooms than in previous years) After the deduction of £350 - £500 for the rent of the room per day (depending on the space you wish to use) we charge 20% of the gross profit (total revenue minus rent for the room). The minimum is always the cost for the room rental fee which we allow ourselves to charge the instructor.

The lecturer will decide at the latest, 40 days prior to the beginning if he wants to hold or to cancel his seminar. 

For day seminars, we recommend a price range between £170 – £220.  If refreshments are desired, they should be included in the calculation of the price. The lecturer will determine the price for his seminar which must not fall below the minimum recommended price of £170 per day. 

Bookings for these pre-and post-convention seminars will be sold exclusively via the UK Hypnosis Convention Tickets page and the convention will be responsible for registration on the morning of the workshops. Please advise of any additional Early bird prices you wish to offer.

Once the seminar has been checked and approved by the hypnosis convention organisers, it will be offered via our Tickets page. For this purpose and for other advertising efforts we would be happy if you could send the relevant texts and pictures via email to

The lecturers are responsible for any details regarding the course (start time, breaks, seminar material, etc.) otherwise we will advise all attendees that the time of the seminars will be between 9am and 6pm each day.

Sale of books, DVDs, CDs, etc. 

For pre-and post seminars, lecturers will have the use of an area within their classroom where he or she can sell their books, CDs, DVDs, etc.  However, no banners, etc., should be mounted. 

Moreover, we may also provide all pre-and post-convention lecturers with support for credit card processing, cash desk and billing where we charge a commission of 22.5%. Settlement will take place after the convention. We hope that either option represents a fair and interesting offer to you.

Further information on the UK hypnosis convention:

For further information regarding the UK hypnosis convention - go to our homepage:

If you have any questions we are gladly at your disposal. Please send your questions to our joint email address:

We are looking forward to your active participation, exciting encounters and many reunions.

Nick Ebdon & The UKHC Team


If you have been selected to be a presenter and/or conduct a pre or post-convention workshop, please download and sign.