Apologies To Those Unable To Attend

It has come to our attention over the last few weeks that the Annual APHP Conference is being held on the same weekend as ours. Unfortunately because of this, many of you who would have liked to have attended ours, now cannot because you have already purchased discounted tickets to the APHP event.

We can only apologise that we were unable to announce the size and scope of our convention a little sooner, but as you can imagine with a convention as ambitious as ours, we had a lot of logistical boxes to tick, but as they have confirmed with us, we have been drip feeding some great names into the hypnosis community. We also didn’t want to really push ticket sales until we had the final lineup confirmed and attendees knew what they were getting for their money.

I hope you can agree that this is a lineup that has certainly justified the wait and is well worth the money!

The clash in scheduling is unfortunate but also unintentional and unavoidable. The UK Hypnosis Convention marks the first foray into the UK by Hypnosekongress.NET – expanding its winning formula of open and inclusive hypnosis conventions to the UK hypnosis community. The London convention is the first of the two conventions being held over consecutive weekends, culminating in Berlin 4th-6th November.

The UK convention had to be held on the preceding weekend to the dates already established for the Berlin Convention, allowing many of our speakers to enjoy participating in both venues.

In truth we believe that Hypnosekongress.NET has had growing success over the years in Switzerland and mainland Europe because it gives both new and experienced speakers a platform to share their knowledge and its attendees freedom and choice to make up their own minds as to who they want to see and what they wish to learn.

Now those in a position to attend the UK Hypnosis Convention at the Hilton, Canary Wharf will have thirty five speakers to choose from, all of them bringing something individual and unique to our event.

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