April 18, 2016



Many parts of the world are experiencing an obesity crisis, research suggest that more and more of the population will die from diseases related to obesity. When people think of the type of work Hypnotherapists do, weight loss is one of the first things that they think of. In fact weight loss hypnotherapy can be complex and can often be difficult to achieve good outcomes. When clients have a very significant amount of weight to lose - as much as 36 stone in one case, we could be working with that client for 2 or 3 years. This takes us away from Hypnosis as a brief therapy to a very long term one - very different to what we are used to! The key to success in this area is to have a through understanding of obesity and the many elements involved in offering a long term hypnotherapy weight loss program to such clients.

The objective of the presentation is to give an understanding of the unique differences in working with Super-Morbidly Obese clients and will discuss: Super Morbid Obesity - what is SMB Definitions of Obesity, Measurement and Prevalence Contributors to obesity Prejudice’s Responsibilities of Hypnotherapists working with Obesity & Super Morbidly Obese clients Working with long term clients Overview of the Hypnotherapy techniques to help your clients reduce weight.

A great many hypnotherapist work with clients wishing to lose weight, however there are few that work with clients who are very significantly overweight. These clients have particular challenges in losing weight, in particular keeping motivated and committed to the task over many months or years. I have been working with clients who are classed as Super Morbidly Obese for 3 years - one of my clients has reduced her weight by 17 stones, another by 15 stones - and can bring my experience in working with this very interesting group of clients.