May 23, 2016


Title Of Presentation Troubleshooting the Dave Elman Induction Workshop
Duration Two Hours
Description of Presentation The Dave Elman Induction is used by thousands of hypnotists globally and known for its reliability and depth of trance. In his workshop, you will practice the basic induction with its process steps, learn the history of how Dave Elman designed it, and understand the process of inductions as a whole. The troubleshooting practice provides insight not only to the Dave Elman Induction and its built in Tests and Convincers, but is packed with details and insights not available elsewhere. Also, experience, learn and practice Cheryl Elman’s rendition of the Group Elman -- great for working with hypnosis groups as well as making demonstrationsto civic groups to expand your practices. Also learn its use on either an individual or a group over SKYPE ! Whether you are looking to FINE TUNE your effectiveness using the Dave Elman Induction, or learning it for the FIRST TIME, this workshop is designed for YOU!
What is the objective of the presentation? This Workshop is designed to not only instruct you concerning the Dave Elman Induction, but to have you understand WHY it is so reliable, and also to have you actually use it on colleagues to develop your confidence in what you have just been taught. But beyond that, the basic Dave Elman Induction is here supplemented by showing how it can be adapted for use over Skype, by the Cheryl Elman Group Induction for both in person and Skype use, a also by a troubleshooting seminar, The tips and details are not available anywhere else!
What makes this presentation unique? The Dave Elman Induction was developed over a century ago, and has been modified many times. But in this Workshop you are not only taught it in the original by Cheryl Elman, you also learn of her adaptations for Group use and for Skype use. You get to practice what you have learned, and you also are immersed in a troubleshooting seminar. The tips and triacks and insights here are not available elsewhere.