April 18, 2016


Title Of Presentation Stuttering, Fears, Allergies: Common Origins
Duration Two Hours
Description of Presentation Stuttering, Fears, Allergies, and other common Presenting Problems have similar origins, sharing characteristics which give their hypnotic procedures many similarities. For example, stuttering is normally not a problem from birth -- it starts with an ISE and becomes a habit. As this habit progresses, it causes self-esteem issues. Many allergists have claimed that as much as 70% of all allergies have an emotional component -- again, what was the ISE? Other Presenting Problems with similar characteristics may be considered.
What is the objective of the presentation? When a hypnotist recognizes the similarities of these problems, and more importantly has the tools to recognize the ISE events, hypnotic alleviation becomes practical. Age regression techniques can locate the ISE for these classes of problems, but the hypnotist must be able to recognize what he/she is searching for. Other techniques besides Regression may be preferred by some, but again, the hypnotist should have an awareness of the type of disturbance which triggers these Presenting Problems.
What makes this presentation unique? Presentations on each of the many Presenting Problems that have an ISE have been given many times; presentations on Regression techniques have been numerous. This Presentation will examine two points which are often ignored -- how Presenting Problems of this group share similarities and therefore proper approaches, and how to prepare the hypnotherapist for the type of ISE which may be encountered. 
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