April 18, 2016


Title Of Presentation Spiritual Regression
Duration Two Hours
Description of Presentation A spiritual regression (LBL) is both a supplement and a further development of a past life regression. It allows access to soul memories in a higher state of consciousness, which is called the superconsciousness. The focus is not just on the lessons of past lives but especially on who you are today and why. You find answers to the fundamental questions such as "Who am I? and "What is the meaning of my life?"
What is the objective of the presentation? Through appropriate hypnotherapeutic methods, it becomes possible to remember your own past lives and the time between the incarnations. You recognize the larger correlations that help you to become one with yourself and existence, as is often possible only after years of meditation experiences. The aim of the lecture is to understand this potential and the process of a qualitative spiritual regression – independent of religious or philosophical world views.
What makes this presentation unique? A spiritual regression allows you to access your own soul experiences and integrate them into your current life. The primary task is to recognize, understand, and forgive yourself. The internalization of this new understanding of yourself enables emotional self-healing and a stronger acceptance of your own life. Spiritual regression has been relatively unknown in the German-language region up to now, even though this soul journey has the most intensive therapeutic effect by far.
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