March 18, 2017



Modern neuroscientists agree that memory is less a reliable source of information on past events and more of a curated synthesis of ideas, inferences and projections. All filtered through our biases, we're left with the old adage "We don't see things how they are, we see them as we are." Our memories also make up the fabric of our identity, based on past experience we're able to identify our loved ones, our values, our passwords on our phones, and everything else we identify with. Attendees will gain a finer understanding of the principles of memory reconsolidation in the brain and how we can use that process to release and rewire the limitations old memories may be creating. We'll discuss how to frame the experience for our clients and how to use regression responsibly whether you're working with a present-life memory or a past-life metaphor.

This is a one-hour presentation designed to offer attendees a new framework for working with traumatic memories as well as a technique to employ in sessions that can rapidly transform obstacles into resources. Other objectives include: -Equip attendees with 4 Step Meta-Pattern (John Overdurf, Melissa Tiers Model) -Briefly explore principles of neuroplasticity -Share my background with past-life work and regression therapy.

I'm one of five second-generation regression therapists I'm aware of in the world. It's unique as far as details that make one unique go, and I've embraced it as my calling in life. Having grown up with past life regression, my youth was filled with exploration into the unconscious and as I've practiced - with the help of my teachers and colleagues - extracting the superstition and magical thinking in has left me with a pure and extraordinary point of view. It doesn't make me any better or worse than another, though it does set me apart. Starting in a place of abstraction and moving to one of precision and detail is a familiar journey for any hypnotist. It has certainly been mine. What makes this presentation unique is that it combines the fun and the spirit of past life regression with the grounded science of memory reconsolidation into a practical set of tools.