April 25, 2016


Title Of Presentation Advanced Children’s Hypnosis - Dramatically Increase Your Success with Kids
Duration One Hour
Description of Presentation This presentation is specifically designed for therapists wishing to increase their success with children. Expect to receive new motivation to overcome insecurities and boundaries when working with children. You will gain a clear understanding of what methods work best, receive an incredibly effective toolset and find the confidence to put the newly learned information into practice.
What is the objective of the presentation? Participants will be able to: • name the most important dos and don’ts • define the magical triangle and deal with its complexities • clearly distinguish, if working with children is for them or not • understand the principle of how the MINDTV™ method removes negative feelings every time
What makes this presentation unique? A presentation full of proven gems from the HypnoKids training program, real life examples and information you can immediately put to use. This is also the very first time in Europe, Sonya presents her new MINDTV™ visualization method, which has been developed during the last five years. It is at its core a non-fail method for finding negative feelings and highly recommended for any therapist eager to work with children.
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