April 18, 2016


Title Of Presentation Addictions in the 21st Century
Duration One Hour
Description of Presentation Addiction science has changed radically in the last few years, however treatment has stayed the same for the last 40 plus years, lets look at the new science and how we can help.
What is the objective of the presentation? What are addictions What can be done Can an addiction be reset to normal?
What makes this presentation unique? Worlds Leading expert in the field of treating addictions with NLP & Hypnosis will show you the truth about addictions.
Title Of Presentation(1) Addictions in the 21st Century
Short Description More people die from addiction every day than violence or accidents, learn the new science behind addictions and how we can help people recover from these deadly issues g
Information About You / Short Biography William Horton Psy.D. CAC is the world leading expert in addictions using hypnosis and NLP. He has ran treatment centers and was clinical director at a Florida State Prison.
Website www.nfnlp.com
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