February 11, 2016

Contact and T&C’s

Terms and Conditions


Nick Ebdon, EBDON (UK) Limited, 28 QUEEN STREET, LONDON EC4R 1BB, www.nickebdon.org


Organisational Principles

- We will organise the convention as independently as possible from associations, schools and techniques .

- We want to provide an open platform to exchange views and further training.

- We expect all participants to conduct themselves in a tolerant and friendly manner.

- To the best of our knowledge and belief we will try to allow only  lectures of good quality. Therefore we reserve the right to refuse lecturers without giving any reason.

- We try to incorporate and integrate new ideas into the convention.


- Nick Ebdon is the owner of Ebdon (UK) Ltd: WWW.NICKBDON.ORG

- Nick Ebdon and Ebdon (UK) Limited bear the financial risk for the UK Hypnosis Convention.

Conditions of participation for the UK Hypnosis Convention

With my registration I confirm that I am in full possession of my mental and physical health and that I take full and personal responsibility for my participation in the convention and the workshops. The UK hypnosis convention does not replace psychotherapy but shall serve to intensify and deepen the knowledge about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, etc. I agree that photos will be taken and possibly videos recorded, which may be published on the homepage. As participant and lecturer, I acknowledge that no claim for damages can be made against the organiser if the convention cannot take place or take place only in a reduced form due to unforeseen economic or political events or force majeure. This also applies, if program changes might become necessary in the event of a cancellation of a lecturers prticipation. With the registration I agree to this proviso. I agree with the processing of my data on electronic media.


Additional Disclaimer: Links

The information on these websites is constantly checked and updated by the organiser Nick Ebdon. Despite the utmost care, information may have changed in the meantime.  Therefore we cannot assume any guarantee for the currentness, correctness and completeness of the information provided on the website.
We have checked third-party-websites which are referred to by hyperlink to the best of our knowledge and belief at the time of the creation of the links.

However, as the content of webpages may change quickly and a constant review of all linked pages is not possible for us, we exclude any liability for the content of these pages. If a linked site provides content which is offensive in any form or illegal, we will remove the link immediately.

Data that is sent via the internet to us, can possibly be intercepted and monitored by third parties during transmission. In accordance with data protection data are treated as strictly confidential in our house.

All rights reserved, including those of photomechanical reproduction and storage in electronic media.