March 16, 2017

Sarah Swanton

A Little About Sarah

I live in Newmarket, Suffolk with my husband Ben and five year old daughter Amélie. I first was introduced to hypnosis a month before my 30th birthday (I'm 42 now), when I was given a flyer for "Hypnosis To Stop Smoking" Of course, it worked! From there, I became fascinated with what hypnosis could do, and how it could help such a range of issues. I have studied under Mark Tyrrell, and more recently Adam Eason. In fact, I just recently recorded a podcast with Adam which you can listen to here if you like our professional discussion was on the subject of Therapist Burnout. In fact it was after we finished recording, that Adam suggested the idea of applying to speak at the UK Hypnosis Convention on this very topic. I believe it's an important one for hypnotherapists to understand so that we can do our very best work with clients, and create successful businesses at the same time without compromising our health and enjoyment of our work. I originally had a hypnotherapy practice in Brighton after I first qualified in 2008, working with anxiety, depression, weight management, and smoking habits. Now my business is more specialised and I work with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them manage the 'inner journey' of being self employed, and all the emotional and mental blocks that can get in the way of running a successful business. It's called Happy Healthy Entrepreneur and my website is here When I am not working on or in my business, I am usually on a tennis court trying to get better at serving, or on a yoga mat doing very, very slow yoga! I love to set goals and intentions each year, and I create a 'vision board' to go with it. On there this year, is an image of a woman speaking with a microphone, and so far this year I have delivered a workshop on Therapist Burnout to a group of therapists and coaches, as well as recording my first guest podcast (as mentioned), so to be accepted to speak at the UKHypnosis Convention would be another step up, but greatly welcomed!