March 21, 2016

Geeta Dhir

A Little About Geeta

Geeta has worked in education and children’s services for a period of over 27 years, firstly as a Primary School Teacher, then as an Educational Psychologist, followed by becoming a Senior Educational Psychologist and Area Team Manager of a multi-disciplinary team. Currently, she is a Senior Practitioner working in a Children and Adults with Disabilities Service, with a developing interest of working with young people aged 19-25 years. In addition to working in local authorities, Geeta has also worked independently over the past few years and at the moment, is working as a Consultant Educational Psychologist to a special school. 

Geeta was a member of a British Psychological Society National Working Party which published research on the role of Educational Psychologists and working with parents.

She has managed a multi-agency behaviour team and a multi- disciplinary education support team. In addition, she has supervised both trainee and practising Educational Psychologists over a number of years. She has also worked in a clinical role within a Child and Family Consultation Service.

Geeta has delivered numerous training courses to schools, parents/carers, other agencies and institutions on a wide range of topics including: learning, behaviour, supervision, disability matters, social/ emotional development and special needs. She has also contributed to policy development in areas of social and emotional well-being. Further work within a local authority setting has included being part of an authority’s Domestic Violence Forum, Community Cohesion Forum and being Co-Chair of the authority’s Hate Crime Project Board.

She has worked closely with a university in Europe, to help support trainees and practitioners in the field of Educational Psychology.

Geeta has a long standing interest in hypnosis. She formally began her journey in this area, in October 2015 and has not looked back.  

 Geeta brings with her much enthusiasm and passion for psychology, mindfulness and hypnosis and their benefits for children, young people, their families & professionals