May 24, 2016

Adam Eason

A Little About Adam

I have been in full-time clinical practice as a hypnotherapist since 1996 and have worked with several thousand individual clients for a very wide range of issues in that time.
With my PhD research, I am set to become the first person to write a systematic review of the efficacy of self-hypnosis to feature in a peer-reviewed academic journal. I was the first person to study the application of self-hypnosis to inhibit the Stroop effect, an area of great interest to the field of cognitive neuroscience. Today, my ongoing research continues to examine the efficacy of self-hypnosis to advance cardio-respiratory endurance.
I was the first hypnotherapist to be asked to be on the panel of experts for the TalkHealth online clinics in collaboration with NHS Choices here in the UK, alongside conventional doctors and renowned medical experts and have lectured to NHS directors.
I am the author of several books on hypnosis including The Science of Self-Hypnosis: The Evidence-Based Way To Hypnotise Yourself and Hypnosis For Running, my audio programmes and apps sell globally and I have appeared on primetime TV on both BBC1 and ITV in the UK displaying my work and with ‘Hypnosis Weekly’ I broadcast one of the most highly respected and popular hypnosis podcasts in the world.
I am also a husband, father of two, a multi-marathon and ultra marathon runner, a cottage gardener, an avid sci-fi fan and beach hut owner. All of which greatly influence my approach to teaching and the way I illustrate my presentations.
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